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Reflecting on Women's History of ETFO at ASWR

An excerpt from a panel discussion featuring four ETFO women trailblazers, originally recorded at this year’s …and still we rise conference.

Teachers Talk About Walkerton

Martha Barrett and Kerry Withrow

Kerry Withrow was dismissing his grade 8 class, little knowing it might be years before things would ever be the same again. The town’s 5,000 men, women and children, many of whom had moved there to escape the pollution and stress of urban life, were about to face an enemy that had apparently been lurking in their neighbourhood for years - E. coli.

La recherche active dans la classe de français

Marie-Anne Visoi

Pour les enseignants ontariens de français, programmes de base et d’immersion, la planification et l’organisation de leurs programmes se déroulent chaque jour en tenant compte de ces questions importantes.

The Telling Bee

Dan Yashinsky

"Use your Bingo Voice," the teacher said, as the child tried to tell her story. We were in a kindergarten room doing a Telling Bee, and the five-year-old, eyes downcast, was shyly whispering her story to the class.

An Eclectic Approach To ESL In Kindergarten

Cindy Hunt and Karen Koop

We teach a unique class of intensive ESL junior and senior kindergarten students. We have a minimum of 10 different first languages in our morning and afternoon classes - a total of 80 students from a variety of backgrounds.

The Early Years

Michael Bellrose

Considering its recent assault upon educators and public schools in Ontario, it’s not surprising that the provincial government has been slow to publicize the findings of a report it commissioned in 1998.

Resumé Writing and Interviewing Skills

Wally Moffat

For the first time in years, teachers have many excellent opportunities to move within their systems, to relocate to other jurisdictions, or to pursue positions of added responsibility.

Cable in the Classroom

ETFO Voice

Cable in the Classroom (CITC) provides commercial-free, copyright-cleared, educational television programming free of charge to public schools across Canada.