Cindy Gangaram holding "Stop the Conservatives" sign outside

Cindy Gangaram reflects on all the reasons to get involved in the June 2022 provincial election.

Although the 1960s and 1970s were the years of consciousness-raising, the rise of teacher militancy, and the beginnings of many social justice movements, it was during the 1980s that progress on equity issues was made  in  policy, legislation, union structure, and collective agreements.

Young children holding hands in circle while two children chase one another within

Right To Play has created a new curriculum called Learning to Play, Playing to Learn, which combines playing, learning, and laughing to make Canadian children active, build character, and create engaged global citizens. The resource is available on the website righttoplay.com.

Grade six heritage project with old photographs

As an anthropology graduate I have always enjoyed learning not only about other cultures but about my own as well. I was keenly interested in finding a way to pass that curiosity on to my own students in a way that engaged them in significant discussions about racism, tolerance, and identity.

Teacher standing with students providing an explenation

The grade 6 students settle down as the lesson begins. A few scan the room, intrigued by the novel presence of three teachers and one administrator,  clipboards  in their hands. I begin the lesson; the topic is note taking and summarizing from informational text.

Three woman teachers posing in classroom

“Teachers do not learn best from outside experts or by attending conferences or i

Teachers sitting together with books

In the spring of 2005, I read Teaching for Deep Understanding: Towards the Ontario Curriculum that We Need. By the time I had finished the book, I was inspired to write and facilitate a professional book study for the Junior staff at Armitage Village Public School in Newmarket, where I am the divisional lead teacher and literacy special education resource teacher.